Transferring applications between Raspberry Pi under FreeBSD

There are no official packages repository and we need to build packages by youself.
But if we need to setup second Raspberry Pi or just change SD card with system we don’t need to recompile all packages.
Here is a description how to transfer applications between Raspberry Pi.

Creating packages
First we need to create packages for our ported applications. We can do it using standard utility pkg(8).
To create packages for all our applications we need to run command pkg create -a.

It will create a package file for each application.

Using USB flash drive
We can use USB flash drive for transferring our applications.
First we mount USB flash drive on the source system and copy the packages to it.

Then we unmount USB flash drive on the source system, mount it on the target system and copy the packages from it.

Using ftp
We can use ftp to transfer our applications from one system to another.
By default ftpd(8) is disabled on Raspberry Pi under FreeBSD 10.
We need to enable it by adding ftpd_enable="YES" to the file /etc/rc.conf.

I prefer to do system tasks under the root account.
To enable login root account into ftpd we need to comment root in the file /etc/ftpusers.

After that we can login into ftpd as root from new system and copying packages into it.

Installing applications
Unfortunately we cannot install packages on “fresh” FreeBSD 10 installed on Raspberry Pi because we don’t have pkg(8) utility.
We need to build the ports tree and then to compile pkg(8) utility.

After compiling pkg we can install our applications.

That’s all folks!

2 thoughts on “Transferring applications between Raspberry Pi under FreeBSD

  1. Nice!

    But you don’t need to compile pkg. If you have a pre-compiled pkg package, untar it:
    tar xf pkg-*.txz -C /tmp /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static
    Then install pkg-*.txz with pkg-static:
    /tmp/usr/local/sbin/pkg-static add pkg-*.txz

    Saves a bit of time especially on the slow RPI.

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