Visualization of configurations for EMC CLARiiON/VNX

In my previous post I talked about report tool for NAR files from EMC CLARiiON/VNX.

One thing generating by that tool is a configuration visualization diagram.
I separated this code from that complex tool and rewrite in on the Python to simplify its usage.

This new tool take relation file extracted from NAR file:

# naviseccli analyzer -archivedump -rel array.nar -xml -overwrite y -out rel.xml

And generate configuration description in the GraphViz format (in a DOT language).
It outputs the result into a new file or to standard output, that can be piped to the GraphViz:

# -i rel.xml | dot -Tpng > diagram.png

The diagram provided in the two ways: “usual” and “compact”.

The “usual” diagram:


And the “compact” diagram:


The “compact” diagram is good for a small array configurations.

The source code of the tool is available here:

Feel free to use it.


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