Configuration diagram from ‘live’ EMC VNX

In my previous article I have described how to make a visualization diagram from a NAR file.
We can do same thing from a ‘live’ array.

Here is a description.

We can get configuration information by Naviseccli – different commands for different components. For example, command ‘naviseccli getrg -disks’ provides a list of RAID Groups and its disks.


But we have an easy way.

We can get all configuration information by the one command:

# naviseccli arrayconfig -capture output localfile -o

All we need is extracting information from the result file. By default this command produces output in the XML format. So it is an easy task.

I have rewrote my previous utility for the new file format. All the rest are the same.


We can see unused disks and hidden system LUNs used by VNX File.

The source code is available here:


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