It is not easy to get information about Pool LUNs distribution by FAST VP tiers in EMC VNX.

In Unisphere (GUI) we need to click on properties of every single LUN.
In Naviseccli (CLI) we can get report for all LUN but it’s ugly as usual.


So, I have created a simple tool to get nice report about LUN distribution.
Optionally it reports LUN’s user size, consumed size and metadata size.
Simple script written on Python 3 generates report by some different ways.

It takes array’s name or address, username, password, scope as required arguments.
Optional arguments are: flag for output size information, output format, filename and name or address and port for Carbon (Graphite) server.

Before output it sort data by pools name and LUNs number.


Reformat output into simple table. ‘Short’ view:


‘Long’ view:


CSV file

Same data in the CSV format.


It also can be in ‘short’ format.

Carbon (Graphite)

Script also can send this data to Carbon server separating it by Pool and LUN.carbon2



And last but not least, output in the HTML format. This format contains not just text, but diagrams created by Plotly.


In that example Pool 0 has two tiers and Pool 1 has only one tier.

All together

All this outputs can be generated simultaneously.


The Tool

The source code of this script is available here:


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