VPLEX Performance Reporter

Graphite is a nice tool to look on performance. But from my point of view this is mostly  a ‘high-level’ view. Sometimes we need a detailed report in the document. That’s why I have created one more tool for generating report about EMC VPLEX performance – VPLEX Performance Reporter.

It connects to VPLEX, downloads data from Performance Monitors, gets configuration information and prepares a report.

This is a R Markdown script. To use it you should have R installed. To generate report in PDF you also should have LaTeX installed.

This script takes this command line parameters:

  • IP address of the VPLEX
  • Username for user on the VPLEX
  • Password for user on the VPLEX
  • Day from to start analyzing performance data (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Day before the end of analyzing perforamance data (YYYY-MM-DD)

For example:

Rscript.exe -e "rmarkdown::render('vplex.Rmd')" monitor monitor 2016-08-06 2016-08-09

This script analyze this VPLEX Performance Monitors statistics:

  • director.busy
  • director.per-cpu-busy
  • director.fe-ops
  • director.fe-read
  • director.fe-write
  • fe-director.read-avg-lat
  • fe-director.write-avg-lat
  • fe-prt.ops
  • fe-prt.read
  • fe-prt.write
  • fe-prt.read-avg-lat
  • fe-prt.write-avg-lat
  • director.be-ops
  • director.be-read
  • director.be-write
  • be-prt.read
  • be-prt.write
  • fe-lu.ops
  • fe-lu.read
  • fe-lu.write
  • fe-lu.read-avg-lat
  • fe-lu.write-avg-lat
  • virtual-volume.ops
  • virtual-volume.read
  • virtual-volume.write
  • storage-volume.read-avg-lat
  • storage-volume.write-avg-lat
  • storage-volume.per-storage-volume-read-avg-lat
  • storage-volume.per-storage-volume-write-avg-lat

Reports about virtual volumes and storage volumes grouped by exports (storage views).

In the report we will see charts like that:

Снимок экрана 2016-08-10 в 23.59.44

The tool is available here: https://github.com/vzaigrin/VPLEX-Performance-Reporter


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