Extracting Performance Data from IBM Storwize

Universal Storage Collector could extract performance data not only from EMC Storage Systems 🙂

New Extractor extracts data from IBM Storwize storage family.

As I see, IBM Storwize with base licenses doesn’t provide exact information about performance.

In GUI we could see information about base system parameters for last 5 minutes.
In CLI we could get such data for current moment and for peaks in last 5 minutes.

New extractor use two CLI commands to get performance data about system (lssystemstats) and each node (svcinfo lsnodestats)

This commands get information about CPU and Cache utilization, power consumptions and system temperature, Fibre Channel and SAS IOPS and MB/s, Volumes, MDisks and Drives Total, Read and Write IOPS, MB/s and response time in ms.

This is an example of output to the Carbon:


And two screenshots from Grafana:



3 thoughts on “Extracting Performance Data from IBM Storwize

  1. Hi Vadim! Do you have influxdb output plugin in USC or you can export collected data only to graphite? We use influxdb in our landscape and want to test your USC…

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