It is not easy to get information about Pool LUNs distribution by FAST VP tiers in EMC VNX.

In Unisphere (GUI) we need to click on properties of every single LUN.
In Naviseccli (CLI) we can get report for all LUN but it’s ugly as usual.


So, I have created a simple tool to get nice report about LUN distribution.
Optionally it reports LUN’s user size, consumed size and metadata size.
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NarReport – DIY EMC Mitrend

This post is not about Arduino, microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD and so on.

But this post is about DIY – Do It Yourself.

I am systems engineer by my primary job. And most times I work with EMC storage systems. EMC provides a lot of tools for their products. But we need something different sometimes.

When I need something different I create what I need.

In this post I will tell about NarReport – my tool for analyzing performance data from EMC CLARiiON/VNX.
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