Extracting performance data from EMC VMAX

Extracting performance data from EMC VMAX isn’t an easy task starting Unisphere 8.

Unisphere 8 store performance in its own format – UPV. It show collected performance, but can’t read any other UPV file. If you reinstall Unisphere it will not show performance from UPV files collected before reinstallation.

Mitrend (online tool for analysing performance data) doesn’t understand UPV files. Mitrend asks for old STP format. But to collect data in that format you should setup one more server – server without Unisphere.

There is a special tool for reading UPV files – Unisphere Offline Performance Viewer. But this tool available only for EMC SPEED Gurus.

Here is a description how to extract performance data from EMC VMAX.

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Universal Storage Collector

First, I have created a VNX Collector. Then I have created a VPLEX Collector. This systems are very similar. My next task was periodically extracting performance data from NAR files. At that moment I decided to create an universal tool to collect performance data from different storage systems with output to different collectors. Later I decide to add gathering performance data from EMC VMAX.

And now after some month of work I present Universal Storage Collector – a modular and flexible tool.

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